Skills Tests by VIDLEARN®

Skills Tests by VIDLEARN®

Providing evidence and data

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Change to the QTS Skills Tests

Skills Tests by VIDLEARN® is a flexible online course designed to help ITT providers adapt to the changes to the QTS Skills Tests announced by the DfE in October 2019. With these changes, the responsibility for ensuring that ITT trainees meet the required standards of Literacy and Numeracy now rests with ITT providers. To help ITT providers manage this, we have developed an online course that provides assessment and tracking tools to help you develop and evidence the Literacy and Numeracy skills of your ITT cohort.


These resources can be used to supplement or replace aspects of any ITT provider’s approach to ensuring high standards of Literacy and Numeracy across both secondary and primary ITT routes, including PGCE, School Direct and SCITT. The online nature of the courses allows flexibility in terms of delivery. This course can be offered now to your September 2020 cohort as a pre-ITT course to ensure readiness for the Literacy and Numeracy demands of the ITT year, or delivered in parallel with the ITT year to provide support wherever providers see fit.

Course structure

The recordings are delivered by educational specialists and qualified teachers, who bring expertise in the subjects and knowledge of the demands placed on ITT trainees in the classroom. The course is organised into two modules:



The course features assessment and tracking tools that contribute to a dynamic portfolio of evidence that the trainee can capture as evidence towards the Teachers’ Standards.

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